Hey Camas, I’m Ry.

I'm a father, husband, business leader, international explorer, and pragmatic optimist. I'm driven by a passion for service and a vision of a more vibrant, resilient Camas.

Why I'm Running for Council

I'm stepping away from my routine life to focus on preserving what's great about Camas. Not just for my children, but for everyone here and generations yet to come. It's time for rejuvenation, revitalization, and renewal. I envision a Camas shaped not by my voice and dreams, but by yours.

Journey and Vision

Education and Inspiration

My passion for sustainability took root during my time at Arizona State University, where I earned a BA in Sustainable Urban Dynamics from ASU's School of Sustainability. The experience there, coupled with my time at the Consortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes, inspired me to strive for balance in development, with keen attention to social and environmental stewardship—a theme that's been a guiding force throughout my career.

From Photojournalism to Education

My early role as a global photojournalist based in the Middle East exposed me to the devastating effects of social inequality, gender disparity, and environmental degradation on people and their communities.

I then moved into the technology sector where I led MakerBot's education team, securing $1.3M for teachers in high-need schools who lacked access to critical classroom materials.

Entrepreneurship and Mentorship

Later, as Brand Director at Techstars, I had the privilege of mentoring underrepresented entrepreneurs, contributing to their success and the growth of our overall investment portfolio.

Strategy and Innovation

Now, as Principal, Creative Strategy at Mach49, I work with Fortune 500 firms. Together, we blend traditional business strategies with fresh approaches that focus on the people they serve. This method not only sparks new growth but ensures flexibility and responsiveness to what really matters to their stakeholders.

Commitment and Focus

This diverse journey nurtured my dedication to innovation, sustainability, and community service. The campaign I'm running is focused on four key areas:

Your City

As your City Councilor, I aim to champion smart, deliberate growth that aligns community needs with sustainable development. We'll prioritize essential infrastructure and protect the unique character and charm of Camas, ensuring every penny spent adds real value to our community.

Your Lake

We'll strengthen our commitment to environmental stewardship by restoring Lacamas Lake, a true symbol of our shared responsibility. Together, we can ensure its pristine beauty endures for future generations.

Your Pool

I envision a reborn community pool that serves as an inclusive hub for family bonding, learning, and recreation—creating a space that won't impose an excessive financial burden on our residents.

Your Voice

Your voice is at the heart of this campaign. We're building bridges one voice, one conversation at a time. This isn't just my campaign—it's our shared journey to transform Camas.

What’s Camasonia? Your Canvas.

Welcome to Camasonia. It's not just my platform; it's our shared canvas for dialogue. This is our place to discuss how to make things better where we live.

Expect engaging insights into the heartbeat of Camas, inspiring conversations with the people who shape our city, and a weekly mailbag where I directly respond to your questions.

Published several times a week, think of this place as your constant line of dialogue to me, our campaign, and our shared future.

Your voice matters, and every contribution counts. Camasonia isn't just about my vision—it's our shared commitment to Camas.

Contribute :)

Thank you for joining this journey. Together, we're not just imagining a better tomorrow for Camas—we're actively building it. Let's unite to create a home where everyone belongs, now and for generations to come.


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